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AdjectiveBeaver Feedback #2

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More feedback!


After 15 hours of gameplay, my AppData\LocalLow\Mechanistry\Timberborn\Saves folder contains 144 files and its size is 623 MB. Each save file is larger than the previous.

Judging by the time-stamps (and that the files are named "Autosave" lol), the game auto-saves every 5 minutes; this is great! Inform the player of this. Add graphic on screen that indicates an auto-save is occurring.

I did not see a means of managing these saves files through the game's UI.

My suggestion:

When a player creates a new game, prompt them to name the world or use a combination of their Steam (or whichever platform) name, date/time, and a GUID/unique ID that's generated with the world.

Also use that value for auto-saves (but of course, append or prepend "autosave").

Then, on the main menu, add an option for managing saves and within that option, list each top-level/root save (not the auto-saves, those would be associated to the top-level/root by the name & unique ID). If the user deletes the initial/top-level/root save file, all of the auto-saves associated with it are also deleted.



When painting a dirt path, you can only paint in a straight line; you have to let the left mouse button go to turn a corner. My expectation was that as I was painting the path, it'd keep going regardless of direction.


Job Assigning

I do appreciate that the beavers are mostly autonomous and figured out I can kind of force what jobs they take. But it would be nice to be able to assign them directly either through a master list (mentioned in feedback post #1) or through the building's UI.



Being able to take screenshots & short videos of the games satisfies my overactive imagination. Adding some sensitivity to the camera pan/rotate would be a welcomed addition (so the rotate/pan is slower or faster, depending on the value). Perhaps an adjustable slider in the settings?


Language & Wording

I noticed this for the well-being text: in some UI areas, well-being is listed as "well-being"; in others, such as the Goals menu, it is "well being" and in others, "wellbeing". 

Are the "jobless" & "unemployed" descriptors synonymous or does each have a significant meaning within the game?


Visual Indicators

When the beavers are hungry, thirsty, tired, or dead (RIP), there's indicators above them. I like this and would like to see it expanded. Add outfits/hats/indicators for what the beaver is currently doing or about to do. For example, if a beaver is heading to do construction, they don a construction hat.


Resource Cost

Wooden stairs seem too expensive at 70 science points; For comparison, the water pump costs 70. I haven't done a "deep-dive" on costs, this was just something I noticed when I started a new game and immediately wanted stairs.


Wishful thinking

Will there be weather effects/systems? 

Will there be a skill tree (PUN INTENDED)? Not needed but may make it easier for players to understand prerequisites. For example, to build a water tank you need 20 log, 30 plank, and 10 gear. Where do I get planks & logs? In other words, I'm asking for a visual representation in the layout similar to that of a tree that shows dependencies.

Thank you for reading! I'm enjoying the game and just unlocked Eager Beavers. When time permits, I'll provide more feedback!


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