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I LOVE THIS GAME. It miiiiiiiiiight have something to do with there being beavers in it.

My first time playing! I played the game for over 2 hours last night and although I only had 23 beavers and a small number of buildings, I did not run into any bugs. I would like to preface my feedback & suggestions with: there's a lot of the game I do not know. I'm fairly new to it and the community. AND I understand that this is a beta and everything is subject to change.

The game was a bit confusing at first; I did not know what I needed to do, other than explore the UI for hints. I've played other city builders, so I had some sort of clue.

I spent a lot of time just watching the beavers do their thing and took a lot of screenshots & short videos. Thank you for having functionality to hide the UI! And I appreciate that there's a UI scale slider; there's people in my life that have difficult seeing so they're always looking for features like this.

The main menu/start screen could use more enhancements (I am probably stating the obvious here)

  • Some music & sound effects; the start screen is eerily quiet
  • Animations (on hover, on focus, etc.)
  • Background images & animations (showcase the beavers being busy!)
  • Rotating game tips or interesting beaver facts

When I clicked New Game, I was met with the "Select race" screen (see the beaver_race.png screenshot). I feel like using the term "race" as a way to differentiate groups might be problematic. Maybe "family", "genus", or "order" would work just as well. In the same way, having the brown beavers be "common" while the fancier varieties are white and patterned could ruffle some feathers. A better option would be to have unlockable patterns & colors. Keep the three tiers (Common, Eager, Fancy) but have them all the base color of brown. As more cosmetics are unlocked, users can change them on this screen and/or in game.

I hovered over each and noticed what's in the Fancy Beaver flavor text (see the fancy_beaver.png screenshot). Depression & mental illnesses are serious and I don't agree with the phrase "will die of depression" being used here, especially since it's associated with "Fancy beavers" and a lack of decorations. I feel a better option would be something along the lines of "Refuse to decorate your settlement and Fancy Beavers will leave to seek out entertainment elsewhere, never to return! Oh, yeah… they also breed like rabbits."

The game could benefit from additional/contextual tooltips. For example, selecting a beaver displays a stat sheet on the right hand side of the screen and when you hover over any of the stats, you see a tooltip with more information regarding that stat; this is great I like this! An example of where this could be expanded would be hovering over the Materials, Food, or Water sections, you'd see a tooltip that lists options on how to increase these values; or when hovering over the Beavers/housing section, a tooltip with info on how to increase your numbers.

Initially I was confused about the sleeping mats. I wanted to move them because the placement went against my need for things to be laid out nicely (lol). I wasn't sure if deleting them would also delete the beaver. I did end up deleting them later on once I had enough houses (I assumed the beavers would find a house to live in) during the session and saw that the beavers placed them elsewhere.

I had tried to open the Settings (using ESC) while the UI was hidden and couldn't. I understand that by hiding the UI I was also hiding the ESC menu; I had wanted to change some settings without having to unhide the UI. Not a deal breaker, just an observation. 

It may become obvious later on the more I play, but I don't understand why there's three cut down options (Mature trees and plants, Mature and half-grown trees and plants, and All trees and plants). This is another instance where a more detailed tooltip would be handy; to let me know why I'd want to use one over the other.

The music: IS PERFECT. It gave me a feeling of a vast world & was uplifting. The "voices" were great! I spent time clicking on them. I do hope more "phrases" are added. 

The eyeball functionality (see beaver_eyeball.png screenshot) is a nice feature, but it seems unnecessary since you have to already have clicked on the beaver to access it. Perhaps this feature would be better used in an overall list of beavers? Is there an overall list of beavers? If not, that would be a nice feature: to be able to pull up a list of beavers and rename, select them & center the camera on them, see their stats/efficiency/whatever, and if added, the ability to change their patterns & colors, all from within this list.

Will there be support for nVidia's Ansel? I have no clue the level of effort required to implement this, but it is a feature I've come to enjoy in the games I play.

The beavers are adorable when sleeping. And when awake. Also when <everything else>.

The camera clips when zooming in too close (see the camera_clip.jpg screenshot).

Will buildings be able to be moved once placed & completed?

When placing a path on a building that hasn't been completed yet, I like that the building becomes visible so you can line up the path with the door.

It wasn't obvious to me how new beavers were acquired.

I hope to see more decorations added.

Will there be any type of live stream integration? Commands the viewers can trigger or automatically naming beavers after viewers. This also might be a level of effort that can't be justified but it's something I've felt most modern games should implement. In my experience, streaming games & watching other streamers can lead to more game sales, especially if the game gets everyone involved.

Thank you for the game! I've been wanting a game featuring beavers that has replay value. I'll provide more feedback after future play sessions.







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The different levels of maturity for berry bushes and trees give a different amount of resources. The ability to select mature vs half grown vs immature allows you a finer control without needing to micromanage. One scenario is if you wanted to maximize your resource gathering while another would be if you wanted to clear an area for building space.

I would also like to add that when I first started the game I was confused on what to do. Plus, once I found the lumberjack gather point I placed a couple without realizing that there was already one on the main building you start with.

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