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A campaign with different levels/objectives

Ian Beale

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I love the game. I think it would really benefit from having a campaign with a story behind it. Different maps for each level with different objectives: eg, create a settlement in this location with a beaver population of 100, gather/create x amount of this resource, allow water to flow into this resevoir with a depth of x. Could have multiple objectives per level. Would enhance the feeling of progression and would constantly give us something to work towards and achieve.

Thanks for making a great game!

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I would love to see some campaign maps as well.
I'd be happy with a model like you've seen it in RollerCoaster Tycoon where you have to achieve certain goals within a given amount of time. Like:

- reach a population of 100 Beavers by the end of the n-th cycle (in a single district)
- have 20 Beavers with a life quality of at least 10 by the end of the n-th cycle
- have a district of at least 50 Beavers at the end of the n-th cycle (the cycle has a 4/5/7 day drought at the end).
- have no beaver die due to hunger or thirst for at least n cycles while maintaining a population of at least 50/70/100 beavers.
- ...

There could be some extra goals for each map that indicate how well you did while reaching the main goal.

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Indeed, a campaign mode will work just fine with this amazing game, at first maybe not complex ones, with basic objectives and such, to encourage players to do difficult stuffs and to give a meaning to the play. More advanced campaigns could benefit a lot of the post apocalyptical game lore, unluck factions, special in game events, etc. Amazing game indeed, with so much potential, thanks for bringing it to us.  

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