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Prioritizing construction

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As of August 2019, the only way to prioritize which buildings are finished first, is to place them in the desired order (in other words, beavers work on buildings in the same order that you placed them). You can also pause a building and resume its construction at a later point. Many of you asked for a more convenient tool to manage priorities. The purpose of this thread is to acknowledge the problem and discuss smart ideas how such a tool could work.

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New logic should also take a look at placing buildings in rectangle group at once (Scaffolding). Although rare, there are situations when construction is not finished, because other constructions were finished first and blocked access.

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Kingdoms & Castles has a drag&drop mechanic for jobs priorities (took me some time to use it correctly). Maybe have a look at this; for construction of buildings it could work even better.

Construction labels can display categories and specific buildings. If you can display e.g. resources on the labels and an option to stop/resume construction in the list, it would become an efficient control center.

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One of the simplest options would be to have a "priority" flag. The order of building could then be "priority buildings in the order placed", followed by "all other buildings in the order placed". Builders, of course, work on the highest items in that queue that they can reach and that they can provide the necessary materials to, so a builder without access to logs will go build a path section instead of waiting or hauling stuff when a lodge was placed first.

Another option would be to make priority for construction based on proximity, with buildings nearer the construction hut getting worked on before things farther out.

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