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TIL: Water disappears on hitting any map edge

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My experimental colony just wiped itself out today. I'd dammed up both sides of the outcrop on the starting map, creating a huge lake upstream. 


This alone was nearly enough to immunise the colony from any drought, even keeping the water wheels turning. 


It was as my beavers constructed the last dam that the folly unveiled itself! With the water now not flowing downstream until it reached a height of 2.5, crops began to dry. 

"It's not an issue," I thought to myself, "I'll just wait for it to fill." 

A while later, and it still hadn't filled. I unlocked and installed a water level and it confirmed my fears: the water level wasn't rising. 


That extra half a tile of depth I'd pushed for was higher than the required depth for water to now reach the topmost edge of the map. Rather than a great lake to fuel my nation I had, in my ignorance, diverted the very river I sought to exploit away from it! 


Needless to say, every beaver died. Not because I couldn't fix the situation mind you, just because the experiment was a failure (and definitely not because I was too slow to think of destroying the dam). 

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Throw a floodgate on that bad boy and you're good to go! If I'm making a reservoir upstream, I put a single floodgate alongside the line of dams. That way I can pop the gate if I need water now (or if it's a drought and there's no water coming over the top), but the dams allow overflow runoff even I forget to open the gate during the wet season.

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