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Filtering trees by growth stage

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Many of you noticed that a tree yields a different amount of wood depending on its growth stage.

  • A seedling yields nothing
  • A sapling yields 1x wood
  • A fully grown tree yields 2x wood

However, the tree cutting tool marks all trees indiscriminately. That makes little sense, because you effectively end up cutting trees that do not produce any resources, before they get a chance to grow into a mature tree. The only way to prevent that is hand pick fully grown trees. There is definitely room to improve how the tree cutting tool works (or the whole tree growth and cutting mechanic). Ideas are welcome.

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This is a great feature, and I noticed the correlation immediately (I'm a new player - started yesterday) between the growth stage and resource amount. It makes sense.

I realize this is quite an old topic (2019!?) so I hope it's alright that I continue in this thread.

Something that would improve this feature, I feel, is a simple change of colour. Currently, when highlighting the trees for removal, it's all red. I find this a bit counter intuitive since red means "No! You can't do that!" in most games. I feel like if the grid highlight were a neutral colour (neither red nor green.. maybe yellow?) and the trees selected showed as green, with the unselected trees in the grid as red, that might make a bit more sense.

I do notice that currently the selected trees glow red, whereas unselected trees get no highlight at all.

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