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Mountainside - A lush 256x256 map


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Going with the post human theme, if humans where to vanish than nature would reclaim the planet.  So any fertile ground would be covered with vegetation, basically anywhere near water.

Your beavers found a lush mountainside to form their new community.  There are many springs in the mountains providing tons of water and places for dams, an over abundance of trees, and being a mountainside it has various types of landscape to make use of.

The map is 256x256 and transitions from mountains, to plateaus, to hills, to a swampland.  There are 3 major rivers being fed by a few dozen water source blocks, so the possibilities for dam creation are very numerous.  All fertile ground is covered with pine trees and there are numerous blueberry patches.  3 different starting locations are available.  It may seem like an easy map, and it is depending on the location, but each spot does have various challenges.

Unzip in your Documents/Timberborn/Maps folder.  Create the maps folder if it doesn't exist.

The Mountain start:
Map: http://www.tuwr.net/~timberborn/maps/Mountainside-peakstart.zip
Ahh, the towering mountains.  The mountain peak is probably the easiest start.  There are 2 large water sources at the starting area that can be easily dammed and a 3rd on a neighboring mountain, a big area of blueberries, and more pine trees than you can use.  There are no stairs off the mountain though, so you will need to research them before exploring.  Ruins are also very limited, but there are a few scattered around from old cabins and ski lodges from when humans existed.  Most of the ground is fertile since springs supply tons of water, but flat land for farming is in short supply once you get off the peak.

The Plateau Start:
Map: http://www.tuwr.net/~timberborn/maps/Mountainside-plateaustart.zip
A medium start.  The top of the plateau is an arid dry land, but fortunately there are stairs down to the fertile valleys between the plateaus where you can find blueberries and Birch trees.  The rivers though the plateau area move large amounts of water so you have to use caution when building dams, however, the rivers are also very deep so may act as natural reservoirs even without dams.  A large city once stood on a neighboring plateau, just have to cross the raging river and climb to get to the ruins.

The Swamp start:
Map: http://www.tuwr.net/~timberborn/maps/Mountainside-swampstart.zip
Might be the hardest start.  The swamp gets floods very easily, especially when dry season ends, so dams are out of the question and building lots of levees to keep the rivers off the land or putting buildings on platforms might be smart.  The entire area is fertile land and there are lots of blueberries and oak trees on the many islands.  But you'll have to venture away from the swamp to find ruins.


Spoiler regarding dams on the rivers.  A lot of water flows through the 3 large rivers and if you aren't careful about dams than you can end up with massive floods.  If you know about the games water mechanics than you should be fine.  If you've tried and failed and want a tip, here is a spoiler:

Highlight below to read the text:
You can dam the rivers before they go from the Mountain area into the Plateau area, but there are many valleys between the mountains so the rivers will quickly back up and flow out other areas if you don't build numerous dams.
The rivers in the Plateau area are made very deep to act as natural reservoirs, but not all can be dammed.  They are tricky, after a dry season they wont fill up completely for a game day or two, and it might take several game days for flooding to start if you placed a dam in a bad spot.
The Hills area has shallow rivers that are wide enough to not flood and might be dammable without issue.
The Swamp area will probably flood if you build dams anywhere, it can flood even without dams.
River #1 is small and should be easy to damn anywhere in the Plateau or Hills area.
River #2 is the largest river, if you dam it in the Plateau or Hill area than you WILL end up with floods near the waterfall from the previous area.  
River #3 is can be dammed in the Plateau area, but you must be careful and use flood gates.  The only reason it doesn't cause a flood in the Plateau area without dams is due to the smaller side rivers draining excess water.  If you dam the side rivers or use levees and dams on the main river than you might get flooding, but it likely wont happen immediately.  The river will wait to flood when you think everything is fine.
River #4 is the smallest of the 3 major rivers and can be dammed without issue and easily since the end of it before falling into the Hills area is only 1 tile deep.

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On 8/20/2022 at 8:34 PM, Rabid Dumpster said:

Hey, i was hoping somebody with more skill then me could update this map so i could play on it with the new version.


absolutely love look of this map and want to play it but not make it. 


Just open the map in-game in the map editor, then save it while in the editor.

This will change any map to the current version and will run on your version of the game even if the original map is out of date.

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On 8/23/2022 at 7:39 PM, SalviaDiv said:

Just open the map in-game in the map editor, then save it while in the editor.

This will change any map to the current version and will run on your version of the game even if the original map is out of date.

Just tried that with Update 2 now out and the game just crashes for me. Is this way of updating still valid to work?

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