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[Feedback] Experimental branch 2022-11-21

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Feedback regarding the storage rework:

  • Having the storage buildings wide open and see all the little crates is quite pleasing.
  • The exclusivity of each storage building is also a good change because it promotes building and organizing more.
  • The new piles are uglier than the old log pile. I preferred the old log pile in terms of appearance. The new pile buildings' floor look like indoor flooring because it is too cleanly uniform. The walls are also too similar to enclosed buildings, so that makes the new pile buildings look like half-finished buildings.
  • The weird L-shape of the previous larger water tank and the T-shape of the previous larger storage building were fun to play with. The Tetris-like organization aspect for towns was very fun in my opinion (there is more than enough space on maps for those who don't like to Tetris their buildings too). Only having square buildings remove this fun aspect, so I hope we can see a come back of weirdly shaped buildings.
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