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Yet another suggestion for a new faction

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The Folktails are based around agriculture, the Iron Teeth are based around industrialism. what if we had a faction based around religion or spiritualism? This faction uses temples and shrines that replace lumberjacks, foresters, tappers, farming and water pump (in the form of a rain dance or well) but they only have one function at a time per building. Shrines have a mid range whereas temples are very large, shrines are ground only and not stackable while temples are the opposite. they have increased productivity compared to the other factions (maybe 2x but that could be too much, idk) but shut down during droughts. they do not have access to research points, but they have belief points or something and each temple or shrine gives 0.1 per hour which can be used to unlock buildings and request "divine miracles" like a free building, resource delivery, ending droughts, growing crops and trees, prolonging life expectancy etc. there's a lot of room for creativity and ideas but this is the bare bones of the idea I had. 

thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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