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Suggestion- Work-time/Shift Management and Some Other Problems

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It 's nice to have work-time management in game but in my opinion we could have more control over shifts like in Oxygen Not Included. Game is harsh if u stop production a single time. My suggestion is we can appoint some of the colonist in night shifts (including their rest times etc..) Also more automation, per hour/min output/input indicators, more advance indicators about  and/or tutorial about how hauler ranges/gathering point ranges etc. One of the most important problem in the game is lacking information  about data's we need to process like, said some of them on top, how much input come in to a factory, how hauler ranges work, colonists info's,  how energy input works(including wing rate, river current rate etc.), optimizing energy flow, over-flow of river bent etc. Also some of important buildings like infirmary requires ridiculous necessities like to be able to operate functionally. You need to research small amounted research point infirmary firstly and then u need to relatively much more higher research point demanding healer hut, which produce healing potion or alike. because infirmary is useless without healing potion. Maybe, those feature can be made more sensible according to colony development. Finally game need to give player a purpose to play like curios, end game, lore behind all these but i m sure you guys will add those in time :)


P.S. Need to add this the edge of maps are looks terrible xD I know I know still in progress but needed to say this to someone 

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I agree on time shifts, but this is a little less relevant with Golems now as they work 24/7. However, I do agree we need more control over shifts at buildings, like a third option here to have 'Golem + Beaver', where the Beavers take over during the day if they have higher working speed due to a higher well-being score:
This way we get the best of both worlds, 24/7 operation (as long as there's staff/power/materials/etc.), and production speed boost during the day, like a 'this is beyond priority level +2, we need this yesterday' and it will be placed higher on the haulers priority lists. High science score required, and increased HP required (like ~5-10% increased required to hit 100% production) to make it fair/worth it for end game? Just my $0.02 😉

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