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First Impressions & IMO most obvious need for improvement

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Timed played as of writing:

3 ½ hours.



🛑 Critical priority
🔼  High priority
▶️ Normal priority
🔽 Low priority


First impression

  • + Nice tutorial, easy to follow and to learn the basic mechanics.
  • + Nice game mechanics.
  • + Overview page for key-action
  • - Occasional lag despite using a fairly decent computer.
  • (- As expected from an early access title, some features/content are missing)


Improvement Request:

🔼 Paths

I strongly recommend a dedicated path-removal-tool, instead of using the building-removal tool. A simple misclick can be costly as of now:

Instead of doing this:


One accidantly might remove the building instead:


There is an "Are you sure"-prompt players will just confirm it, as it pops up with every deletion, not just with. (In general, prompts that show up often, will always just get ignored by users.)


🔽 Ruins

I feel like the ruins could use a bit more character.

As of now they are just blobs of metal, it would be nice to give them a bit more form (as in the placement of blocks) to look a bit like a building, factory, etc

It would also be nice to see some ruins in the water, maybe formed like a sunken ship.


More like this:

Less like this:



New Feature Request:

▶️ Connection Bonus

If certain building are placed next to each other, a little productivity bonus would be nice.

E.g. Science building could produce a bit more science, as the scientist have an easier time working together:


Accidents and disasters

🔼Seeing that one has to deal with droughts, I expected fires breaking out to be a problem that I would have to deal with. Sadly, there is no such mechanic (yet?). Fires and fire station would be nice additions to the game.

That seems to be a feature that has been requested for quite some time. So here are some related posts to fire:

Building upon the idea of adding challenges/problems, some other ideas

  • 🔽 Epidemics/ Contagious sicknesses
  • 🔽 A breaking mechanic for production buildings (bakery catching fire, gears breaking on windmills, etc.)
    • Subsequentially having to fix/ rebuild buildings.
  • ▶️ Flood waves
    On occasion a flood-wave could appear, making the river higher (purple) than it normally is (blue) and thus flooding (and maybe destroying) some crops/buildings:


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Agreed to @Aston Brook's suggestions. Fire/Flood would be awesome, especially if it can be turned on/off in the game options (aka, custom game). Dealing with floods requires extra building as I've learned meany times every time I forget to open flood gates after a drought.

** Have an option to change the UI size for the 'Drought Ended/Started' warning 😄


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