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Streamlining Distribution Route Menu

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Creating a new route, having to scroll to find the resource I want (when the main UI has no problem having a much smaller list of every resource I have on screen at the same time), then having to click on the drop-off point in that district to once again scroll all the way down to the resource, and type in the exact amount I want - then repeating all those steps again for as many resources as I need to transport... is tedious, annoying, and unnecessary. It's also very frustrating that when I forget to do that second step, and the 2nd colony will get a huge accidental surplus of resources, that I then don't see any way to transfer back to the 1st colony unless it's all put away in a warehouse, which wastes more time. 

If the route designation menu had all the resources on-screen at once, organized in the same way as the top of screen UI in compact sub-lists of Resources, Food, Wood, and Water, that would make it much easier, quicker, visually cohesive, & readable.
If you could select multiple resource routes per drop-off point in one go, that would also save time while accomplishing the same (It could still be made clear that each resource is its own "route" with a max of 10).
Setting district limits in that same menu would also be much more intuitive - I can also picture an option toggle like "Make Limit Relative To Population" which would also be a big timesaver.

Having a blast btw. Idk how this game is so addictive, but it is. Great work!

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