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Game is great, its fun UNTIL you get close to 400 beavers and then it becomes unplayable even on Update 2

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This is why I stopped player like 8 months ago or so, and hoped they fixed it with update 2 but performance is still crap.  I even take it down to 1440p from 4k and set on low and still day time its like 3-4 FPS so I have to pause just to move around and do stuff.  It takes all the fund away from the game, and prevents you from really growing your districts to rule a large map.  You get to the point where you have several districts and ready to rule all the things on your map and then the game just slows to a crawl.

I want to be able to play a game for 100's of cycles... I am lucky if I can tolerate getting past 25 as by 15 or 18 I will be over 300 beavers easy.

What is the point if I have to start a new game every time I get close to 400 beavers, it never feels like you can do everything you want to do an build.

I mean I expect a lot as my gaming system isn't lacking in specs, so this is crazy. 

CPU: Ryzen 9 5900x 12 Core
RAM: 32 GB
GPU: GeForce RTX 3080 Ti
OS: Windows 11
Display: 4K Samsung U32j59x
OS Drive: Patriot P300 512GB NVMe
Game Drive: SABRENT Rocket 2TB

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Your system should indeed be able to handle (way) more than 400 beavers.

I believe the first reason for the poor performance is related to storage, because I determined that it was the main factor when I first encountered poor performance issues like you do. In essence, if farming or industrial plants are producing and there's no room left in storages within the district, then you're in trouble, as your CPU cycles get massively wasted by all sorts of haulers looking for storage room for goods and not finding any. Solutions: either add storage (works, but isn't sustainable in the long run), or control production and or population carefully to avoid overproduction (easier said than done with farming, fairly manageable for water or industrial goods like planks, gears, etc)

I talk about the second reason in a different thread: see my comment 

 and the subsequent one.

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