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Raccoons and new worker class.

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There are two things in farming that will always occur.  When crops are left in the field to long, wildlife will show up and eat it for you saving you the effort to harvest it.  Or it rots. 

I would propose raccoons and/or deer herds show up and start eating your crops if left out to long.  This happens when there are too few farmers to farmland (ratio being out of skew). 

Enter the Night Watchman.  He would patrol farms and storage depot's with a cudgel and pan (to bang on and scare away the little bandits).  If left to their own devices to long, the raccoons could be a real problem (reproducing more and more as time goes on).  Stealing food from storage during a drought, tearing up (i.e. loss of a percentage of other/any items in same depot) stored items in their search for food in the stockpile, etc.  Allowing a big population to grow up then you suddenly harvest all crops properly would make the raccoons have to raid your storage depots.  The raccoons would tiny be like new born beaver.

If you wanted to get REALLY crazy... you could allow the raccoons to become sentient and become adult-beaver size.  They would build a base/city nearby and maybe raid your stores, build in areas you had plans for.  dig up your waterways to suit their needs etc etc etc. This part would probably be an expansion thing

For water farming you could introduce Muskrats as the crop pests, eating unharvested crops.  Muskrats could also be allowed to cause damage to the banks of the waterways.  This would cause landscape collapse and building collapse if built on said land.


J. Adams

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