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2 more suggestions for dismantling/replacing

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As the title says I have 2 suggestion for dismantling/replacing buildings/tiles:

1. Right now you can instantly delete every built building and don't get resources back. I think dismantling them with workers for e.g. 50% resources would be better because it allows for more experimenting with building placement and it fits better with the theme of beavers building and destroying tiles.
2. To plant other crops/trees over the existing ones you have to demolish the old ones and afterwards select the area for new crops/trees to be planted. An easier way with one less step would be to mark the area where already existing crops/trees are with the new ones selected so the workers would remove the old ones and the foresters would plant the new ones. It's basically replacing the crops/trees rather than having to wait to get them removed and then replant them.

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Nothing I really disagree with, except a minor correction your second point. You can actually just clear the planting area instead of destroying, and then after they have been removed by harvesting you can then replant afterwards. It would be much nicer, however, if you could simply designate it in advance.

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