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Badlands and Canyons (aka Great Canyon v2) - 256x256


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This map is very good.  A lot of fun.  I played the original version (not 1.2) in experimental FT normal mode.   I liked the badlands idea, and the continuously expanding area to grow into.  I did not find this a hard start in normal mode but some thought is required to get things right.  There are enough trees to do a normal start.

The map somewhat favours IT due to the massive relief and there are lots of berries to start.  Development would be slower as there is little water power early on.  I used windmills with FT to get power on the dry mesa to the right of the start area.    Eventually I got over the ridge to the large river with all resources available.

I played to cycle 43 which is very unusual for me.  I tend to get bored when things get too easy. I kept finding things to destroy or build.

The attached pic shows development when I stopped.  This was all one district, but I moved the center a lot.  Someone who likes many districts could continue this for weeks I think.

Screenshot (317).jpg

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Thanks for the feedback! I'm glad that you've enjoyed it.

I've already reworked the map a bit to add more challenges and incentives to sprawl around, but I might wait for more terrain update from Mechanistry first. We'll see! :D

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