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(Re)Combine the well-being stats?

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I'm not sure what other's opinions are on this, and I know this change was made back on Oct 20, 2021, but I'm really not liking how every item in the game that contributes to a well-being stat has its own independent stat.  This can make it difficult to fully satisfy a lot of beavers and, to me personally, really contributes heavily to wanting to centralize all of these items around the beaver's housing so they can gain the bonuses while sleeping.  I mean, it makes sense to put the item that gives farming speed bonus around farmhouses, the item that gives cooking speed bonus around cooking related structures, etc, but this then means that none of the rest of the beavers gain this stat, hence my just trying to cram it all in around their housing.  And the food.  Sooo much food they need to eat....

To me, it'd make more sense if they just contributed to their well-being as categories (like before).  It's fine if each item has it's own bonus that it gives (+farming speed, etc), but I'm just really not liking the current setup.

And modding... if that ever gets officially supported (or even if it doesn't), I can only imagine the nightmare of that with potentially dozens or more items being added to the game that have their own bonuses that they give to encourage even building them.  And the food....

If anyone cares to vote on this in the Feature Up Vote site, I did make a post on this there way back when (though I'm sure everyone's aware of how easily these suggestions hide): https://timberborn.featureupvote.com/suggestions/225864/not-liking-new-wellbeing-splits-from-1020-update

Even if you don't necessarily agree with my recommended solution, if you too don't like having anything and everything with its own well-being meter, please consider voting on it.

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