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Forester Blueberries vs Wild Blueberries

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First post here - thank you for making such a fun game!

I wanted to see if the Forester produced a better blueberry bush than what can be found growing wild.  Alas, nothing seems to be different, at least in a quick test with a new Forester and planted bushes.  Are they affected by bee hives, and if not, could they?  If that's all that would be different, I'd probably be OK with that.  I just don't see enough advantage in force-planting bushes when I've got tons growing wild.

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The blueberry bushes are identical.  Same with dandelions and all the trees.

Now whether or not the default plants and trees can be affected by beehives or if it's only the things farmers can plant (not even sure about aquatic), that I don't know.

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