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Unutilized Carry Capacity

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I have noticed that most of the time when the Beavers/Golems are carrying items to and from locations they tend to carry only 1 or 2 items at a time and only use up 1/30 of the carry capacity that they have. I think that if you were able to make it to where the haulers would only accept haul jobs that fill up their max capacity and if none of those jobs were found work their way down in weight till they finally get down to just moving single items around or allow haulers to mix their carry inventory with multiple types of items that could be dropped off in a route to allow for more efficient movement of supplies it would make things a lot easier to manage. Thanks!

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I think the issue now is that the moment there's a free spot somewhere, someone jumps on it.  If they were to wait until the destination had enough space for a full load (or are close to running out in the event the max capacity at the destination is equal to or less than a hauler's full load), or were able to do multiple destinations in one trip, that would help a lot.  We wouldn't need a good 1/3 of our beaver population on as haulers, freeing them up for other tasks, and perhaps there'd even be less beavers needing to path-find all of the time....

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