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Migration Panel - Set Max? Or Prevent migration to specific districts?

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Starting a new game with the new migration panel and having a hard time getting it to work the way I want. 

Long story short, I have several temporary districts around the map that I move beavers in/out of for various reasons. These districts are not intended to be permanent homes. Let's say for example these districts are called temp1, temp2, etc. 

The problem I'm running into comes when I'm ready to remove beavers and send them back to an actual permanent home. When I use the migration panel, I use the +/- buttons on the left side. When I use the "-" button to remove beavers from temp1, they get moved to temp2. I then use the "-" to remove them from temp2, they get moved back to temp1. 

Other than (1) trying to mess with the minimums or (2) simply deleting districts while I'm not using them, is there a simple way to keep beavers from automatically moving to a district I don't want them to be in? For the sake of trial and error I tried pausing the district and beavers will still move into an otherwise empty and paused district center. 

My guess is that the migration panel isn't (yet) designed to accommodate the prevention of beavers moving into any given district. And it's not a hugely annoying issues because I can just delete the district building. But it seems like a game mechanic that should exist.. e.g.: include a check to prevent new beavers from moving in, or include a "Max" which can be set to zero. 

Running MacOS, Experimental version, MacOS work-around

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FYI, I also posted this to the Steam Discussion forum.

Basically the conclusion we came to is that the migration panel is ideally meant for the case where all districts can safely accept extra beavers. There doesn't seem to be a mechanic currently implemented to accommodate my case where there are districts I'm keeping intentionally empty. 

Again today I was manually lowering the population in a district and forgot I had an empty temp district nearby. Of course they all decided to go there and ended up dying. 

The best work-arounds currently are to either (1) temporarily delete the district you want to be empty or (2) temporarily increase the minimum in other districts to force beavers to move where you want them to. 

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