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District Sizing

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Now I only have been playing since steam summer sale and accrued ~50hrs but my number 1 issue is district sizing and it is hindering this game. I do fully support having districts, however the sizing is ridiculous and makes no since what so ever. If you want to make district a certain size than that fine but I should be able to define what that size looks like. I should be able to say no I don't want this part of the land in this district and exclude it in addition that gives me more blocks for land elsewhere. 

Say if a district is 500 blocks, it shouldn't just be 500 blocks of however this convoluted game decides to make it. I should be able to create what that 500 blocks looks like. Say i want to make the game 500 blocks in the shape of an L etc. Makes no since I can't control that, and it VERY FUSTRATING when creating cities. Even when I shrink the district with a gate it does not add to other parts of my territory.

Even just moving districts needs fixing, everything about districts needs to be reevaluated honestly. Its like the idea was put in game with no decision to actually fine tune it to work properly.

This is my biggest hinderance so far but its a large one for me personally. Late game the mechanics make this game become a chore to play. Overall I still enjoy this game and I know its in its beginningish stages so I hope it becomes a more polish game as time goes on. 


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While I don't like the district system at all, to your point of being unable to understand the district sizing, it's based on path tiles the beavers need to walk from the opening of the district center (specifically, 70) + a build distance radius from the path (10).

If you do a spiral pattern with your paths without cross connectors, you're going to severely decrease the overall territory you can cover.

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