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Medicine and sick beds

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My district has lots of medicine but it isn't making it into the sick beds. Can you add a 'prioritize by haulers' option to the sick beds so the hauling post workers stock them? Thanks!

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Seconded. I'm way over on medicine, 200+ in the district, but it looks like its not making it to the beds, even with hauler prioritization. Also dandelions themselves are quite cluttersome and incredibly useless right now (doubly so with the medicine/bed problem) I find that it clutters your inventory very quickly and they are difficult to get rid of if they are next to a gatherer resource like berries or chestnuts. Maybe set a toggle for the gatherers to not collect them, another good option would be that the gatherer sites themselves can clear berry bushes and dandelions rather than allocating that to the builders. (this solves the issue by allowing them to clear patches in far flung locations where your builders dont have range as well, and builder time is a pretty valuable resource)

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I think the main problem is the one worker in the healers hut has to make medicine AND deliver it to the beds.  It seems haulers not helping them is one bug. 

Also we need an option to control if that beaver is delivering medicine or making more.  This could go the way of the farmhouse and you toggle prioritizing deliveries or making medicine.  It could also go the way of the grill where there is an option to have the building turned on but no production.

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