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District Specialization

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The idea is to provide incentives to specialize districts, so that instead of multiple mega-districts players will benefit from districts that do one thing very well and trade with other districts. Comparative advantage. 

  1. Change monuments (or add wonders) to give district-wide boosts instead of a set range. Every building/beaver in the district gets the boost at all times. 
  2. Only one monument/wonder per district. Multiple districts can have the same type of monument, but only one per district. 
  3. Monuments give profession-specific boosts like what decorations do on the experimental branch OR new "world" bonuses like faster tree growth or lower evaporation that only apply within the district. There should be a "generic" monument that provides a smaller boost to working speed of all types (like the temple).

Alternatively, just throwing out random ideas:

  • The profession-specific decoration boosts are mutually exclusive; increasing one decreases others. The Bell mitigates this effect. 
  • New map locations where "wonders" can be built that support specific districts. Think Mines but different, like an aquafer or geothermal hot springs or a leftover hooman highway. 
  • Proximity penalties. Smelteries throw pollution on nearby farmland. Alternatively, bonuses. Trees eat pollution of nearby smelteries to grow faster? 
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I think this is a great idea, but the devs would have to update the resource distribution. Maybe instead of routes you could set amount that the district needs, and it could be delivered from other districts who have to much of it (sorta like the new migrations panel).

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