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suggestion for new factions

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so sure the name is timberborn... and up till now its been all about beavers... but i could easily see the introduction of squirrels or otters. 
otters could be super focused on being aquatic, but they lack the control that beavers have, so they start out with levees, but they cant make sluice gates. but on the upside they get an unmanned pump, basically it uses the water flow to passively lift water up, enabling you to flood areas much earlier.

squirrels would be very treecentric. no ideas on how specifically you would do that. but... squirrels. makes sense right?

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I think more different foks are a good thing to go on. Maybe a bit more Fantasy? As an DLC? Like a new Race like Kobolds or Goblins.

Kobolds are more focust on terraforming the Montages, like digging and mining (getting Ore and Kristals), which can be used for Spiritual Buildings. Just as an Idea: they can build in Lava. Bc of that, they can generate Electricety, which they can use for ther Buildings.

Goblins on the other hand are a technolocial Bunch of Creatures. They like to Engineer and try out new things. Some of those give more power but bc of more power, they are dangerus too. So that sometimes someting can break and can explode. Bc of that you need an Watchfull Eye, so that if someting happens, you need to fix it as soon as possibel.


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The game wasn't designed around beavers because they are cute, but rather because they are the only animal that does any large scale terraforming. Neither otters nor squirrels make dams. Furthermore, otters are a natural bully to beavers. They kill beavers to occupy their shelters. They do no terraforming of their own

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Okay, so if there's a wood faction and a steel faction, I kind of feel there should be a stone faction too. It could be used to create larger flood gates and dams and possibly other tech to come down the road.


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