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Pick younger beavers when migrating.

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It seems that when migrating beavers to another district, the game always sends the oldest beavers of the population.

This becomes a little annoying when trying to establish outposts, because those beavers only last a couple of days and then you have to send more beavers, which then only last a couple of days again, etc...

I think it would be better when the game picks more younger beavers to migrate.


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I was just about to post something similar regarding golems.  I'm trying them out for a mining outpost and the game keeps sending golems at 1% durability. Since I can't specify which golem to migrate back home for recycling, I have to bring everyone back and re-migrate, which then sends the next lowest durability golems out, repeat ad infinitum.  Ideally the newest golems should be selected first for migration out from their district of origin and the oldest (lowest durability) should be selected first for sending back.  I recognize that beavers and golems probably don't have the concept of an "origin" district currently, but I think that would make migration a lot less tedious.

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This is getting Extremely annoying and could see killing this game for me. Why the Beep would a 104 year old beaver be the one to migrate??? I just sent 16 beavers to die of old age trying to start a new settlement... (and this has only gotten me down to 101 to 84 year old beavers) It should be pretty obvious that they're likely to have a shorter lifespan migrating as we arn't likely to send them to our capital... And what's more it's the youth, our young adults that tend to be adventurous and more likely to travel or migrate. 

Please Mechanistry reverse this so we are sending young adults or at least the middle aged rather than our oldest beavers that should be thinking more about retirement then starting over in a new city!

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