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Suggestions to improve the game

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I have only played the game for 110 minutes so far, I did enjoy it and thought the beavers were very cute little citizens.


However, the game lacks challenge, its too easy and there is nothing to work for or towards. The game would really benefit from missions and/or campaigns with items you can unlock. I like games that want me to do something with an end goal to work towards, something to play for and a reason to do it. There is so much potential here for a good game with lots of good missions. Perhaps you have to bring an abandoned or struggling district back to life, produce/farm X amount of X, raise a city with X amount of beavers or even defend it, the possibilities are many!

I hope we get a lot more fantastic updates as this game has real potential to be good.

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Would agree with "Beeinateacup" 
I was very soon thinking that the game design and feel was looking very dry and uneventful, The colours used in the somewhat plain landscape are dull and flat. Flat normally implies to a lack of contrast, yet in this case in an already dry and grindy play, you need to add both humor and maybe even show/glimpses of interest further away?
I was surprised to be put into a drought very soon from the start. I also found the information a bit lacking, in knowing what I should do next-

I feel the game is for 4-5 year old´s so far and will wait for more content or updates before playing again. Beavers are cute, yet really need more variety in their animations, if they are all using the same, then you notice too much.
Yet felt overall that the game lacks a spark or inventive to keep playing at all.

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I agree with beesinateacup, the game needs a mission mode as well as a free play mode. Defending your beaver towns against Racoon Raiders that are dressed as bandits, thieves or vikings would be an awesome little feature. I'm not saying that it should be violent because I'm loving the innocence of the game but maybe have little traps, gates, watchtowers and walls. Since you have books, you could also have libraries and schools that train scientist beavers for a laboratory to allow later game tech to be researched.

 I'd love to have some sort of floating farm too, kind of like ancient Aztecs had, that are made out of reeds/cat tails that rise and fall with the water levels in your dams but degrade over time to make it a little harder. That way you always need shallow water to grow cat tails but can utilise the surface of dams to grow food. Then actual land can be used for timber production.

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