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All buildings should be able to be mirrored

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Hello all, I love the game, been playing since the demo back in early 2021. One major improvement I think the game needs is mirrored buildings. Right now, Clicking 'R' and 'Shift+R' rotates a building left and right. I think this should be changed so that 'R' rotates a building (Left or right doesn't matter) while 'Shift+R' mirrors the building along it's mid axis. Almost all buildings would look no different mirrored compared to their normal orientation. The biggest thing this allows is TOTAL CONTROL on how we build our beaver cities! Right now all buildings outside small lodges do not have a mirrored alternative, and this greatly constricts being able to properly make use of available land. I hope this is something you all think is a good idea as well. Thank you for your time.

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I am sure this has been stated more than once, however I wish to second this idea.  Without the opportunity to mirror building design, the game gets bogged down in building a lot of unnecessary structures, pathways, etc.  As the game progresses it becomes less and less possible to maximize the use of space.   

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