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Drought at beginning of game?

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So I've started the game a few different times now, and my beavers keep dying due to hunger. This is because of the drought that happens basically right after you begin the game?  Like it doesn't tell me this is going to happen, and also your beavers will die after like 1 day without food. Like I've just started the game and by the time I'm getting used to the game it just f***ks me over. Like, tf?! And I'm playing on normal mode to, it shouldn't be this unforgiving. The tutorial only gets to planting food by the time its like 3 days before the drought. this feels more like hard mode than normal. Is this just me? Maybe it is, but either way I think the drought comes WAY too quickly. 😕

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If you ever want you and tricks there is a discord where people offer help to get started. Typically speaking though, the first flight is definitely the hardest and it gets easier after that. If you build water pump and farm first (no storage or housing) then you can definitely have enough to get by.

If the river isn't too wide it is also possible to get a damn up prior to first drought. 

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