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Watertight housing

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So I made this wall of houses with the intention to heighten the sides of a river. The idea was that the windows of the two high houses would be submerged. To me this seemed like both a smart way to save space and have an interesting living district for my beavers. It felt like a creative and smart solution to the problem

However, to my dismay i found out that apparently water flows right trough houses and storages. This is probably not a bug but a design decision. But one I disagree with for the following reasons:

  • The buildings look solid, as solid as Levee's, so I'd expect them to be solid. If buildings aren't there should probably be visible gaps that water can intuitively go through
  • Making levee's the only fully solid block that blocks water stifles creativity. I was actually quite happy with my housing/storage district-dam. It looked nice.
  • If the relative cost of buildings vs Levee's, when used as a dam, is considered a exploit, other simple systems could be introduced such as 'upgrading' buildings with treated wood.

I hope the solid buildings will become water tight again. I like my waterside villages.

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I like the idea of upgrading buildings with treated wood. The concept of upgrading building designs had also been put forth before with other options. This one was not, as far as I recall, mentioned though. I like the idea as a late game option with pine treated wood, but it's far too much of a balance issue. It's 12 or 15 would which, with your idea, could fill the function of two fans that cost 20 each or two levees (after researching) that cost 12 each. Either way it is twice as efficient and comes with other bonuses as well. Not reasonable for the base building.

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