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Death Valley, The hardest challange you can imagine


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With limited resources and many barriers, your beavers with not a small amount of luck willl need to be managed closely before they die of thirst or old age before securing a stable source of water.

With only a carefully calculated amount of starting wood the beggining of this game is more a puzzle then a relaxing expirence.

Can you survive?

The creator of this map has not yet been able to beat it.


Death Valley.timber

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Hi leoberto.  I like a map that requires a lot of thought and some difficulty to get started and this one delivers.

I beat your map in experimental with Folktails in normal mode.  I don't think experimental matters in this case. 

I had to count the trees and use only the bare minimum to get started.  This meant no lodge so I lost the first beaver on day 1-16.  I did run out of water on the last day of the first drought (first pic), only 3 days in normal mode.  But the water came back before I lost the crops.  I was able to develop a reservoir down lower for the next drought and there were no more near misses.

Development is extremely slow due to limited space and resources.  After getting water under control, my strategy was to grow maples by the upper creek, keep the lower area for crops and some more trees, and put the industry on the dry mountaintop powered by windmills.

The second pic shows where I am now.  To get explosives I needed a second district whose only purpose was to get scrap metal.  Things are proceeding well now and I can get water into the central area to vastly increase crop and tree potential.

It would be MUCH harder with Ironteeth as there are no berries present and several would die of old age before the first new worker can be created.  I did not try IT.

I am pretty sure that hard mode is impossible with any faction as the first drought is always longer than 3 days.

So, this is a great map.  Highly recommended.


Screenshot (166).jpg

Screenshot (171).jpg

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By the way, have you thought of cross posting the map on timberbornmaps?  You should get far more downloads there, though I note that comments can be sparse.

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