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Camera angle

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Hey all, 

I just got this game after months of deliberation and looking at feedback. So far I am enjoying it, mind you I have not really gotten to far as of yet. My main suggestion so far is the tilting camera angles. Right now when you tilt the camera to see your village and beavers from a point of view that is more horizontal to the ground (like your seeing the village from street view) it pops back up to birds eye view as soon as you release the mouse button. I think we should be able to keep the view at any angle we want, anywhere between birds eye and street view. 

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AGREED. it can be very frustrating to see things without a top down view in busier sections of the city. additionally, a higher max height for the camera is needed, some maps (like beaverdome) have such a high level for the land that you are really limited by the camera height

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