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add seasons and diferent natural disasters plus a couple more ideas

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1: all the seasons with different natural disasters, for example:

SUMMER: droughts and forest fires.

FALL: floods and landslides.

WINTER: snow storms and water freezes.

SPRING: floods and landslides.


2: Trees and shrubs around water source makes it evaporate slower, and trees and shrubs around crops makes them stay hydrated for a bit longer.


3: when you cut down a tree your beavers can take the leaves and branches to a compost which would turn into fertilizer for crops and blueberries.


4: increase biodiversity (planting flowers and smaller crop fields with different crops would increase their growth speed and protect them from diseases.)


5: focus on more sustainable resource management such as selective logging (that would protect lands during drought or landslides), reforestation with high biodiversity (would protect forests from diseases such as pine bark borer.)


6: more beaver factions.



we would be happy to give you more detailed feedback in topics that you are interested in.

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Going along with the biodiversity theme, it would be kind of cool to be able to plant a mix of trees with one button. Instead of selecting one type of tree you select a biodiverse planting option and it pops up an extra window that allows you to adjust the percentage (or weighting) of each type of tree in the forest. Then when you drag it plants that mix randomly. 

The same type of button for crops would be cool as well. 

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