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I've made it up to Normal difficulty and the hardest thing by far is water management.

  • I'd like advisors for water and power that offer me suggestions for how to improve water storage/availability.
  • Kits/babies should be able to get water right from the water pumps ... I would have made it on my last fail if they could once the water returned but there were no adults to pump it.
  • I think if beavers of any age swim, they should be able to drink the water they are in and thus lose their thirst.
  • I'd like to see the ability to do pipelines for irrigation and digging.
  • I'd also like levees to be able to control the height of water by side of the levee - example, I want one side at .5 but the other at 2. My levee should be smart enough for this with limitations based on water flow.
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There are no advisors because it's a lot of work for developers to make when very few people have any interest in that feature. Most people would rather learn the game in their own. If you want some tips and tricks, feel free to ask, but they don't need to create an AI for it.

I've never seen a situation where you have a small army of kits but no adults. Even if I had seen that, I'd have started over. 

Part of the premise of the water pumps is that they purify the water. In other words, to the water is not considered potable so drinking straight from the river is not an option (same reason you wouldn't drink from a swimming pool). Perhaps this requires some suspension of disbelief but it's important to game balance. Why bother with pumps at all then?

Others have mentioned pipelines for irrigation. 

I'm not sure what you meant by this. I mean, levees don't have brains or any moving parts for one, so not sure how they could be smart. Setting that aside, if you want to build as levee so that the incoming water builds up to a depth of two, pours over the top into a reservoir that starts at a depth of .5, and then that drains anything over .5, that can be done. You can also use floodgates and control them separately if you want, so again I'm not sure why you are asking for something to be possible that already is.


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