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8 Suggestions (Shade Sails, Golem Drought Automation, Tree Planter, Better Drought Power, More Specialized Storage, Transport Systems, District Expansion, and Pause All)

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8 Suggestions (Shade Sails, Golem Drought Automation, Tree Planter, Better Drought Power, More Specialized Storage, Transport Systems, District Expansion, and Pause All)

Better Buildings:

  • Shade Sails
    • This is my favorite suggestion on this list: as overheating is going to become a feature (as seen in the recent Developer's Log), I think a great way to combat this is to have shade structures, maybe a Shade Sail, which would lower the heat values of beavers under it and look really dam cool. It could be crafted with paper (for the shade sails) and logs (for the posts holding them up). I think having different variants of them would be great as well (1x1, 1x2, 2x2, 2x3, 3x3 just like the roofs) and two shapes (triangular sail and square sail)
  • Golem Drought Automation System
    • Something that I've seen suggested a lot is a way to automate floodgates based on a stream gauge (i.e. link water flowing at stream gauge x to floodgate x, so if water stops flowing or gets too low at stream gauge x, floodgate x will close), but just linking them together seems way too futuristic and not in the post-apo style of Timberborn (in my opinion), so maybe have golems be able to watch a stream gauge (if it's in range of a control tower), and go change a floodgate based on the stream gauge's status.
  • Tree Planter
    • Allow foresters to plant trees inside of the shrub planters, which would generate a small tree-grate in the planter around the tree's trunk
    • Also, maybe allow foresters to plant blueberry bushes inside as well, it would really help with bringing color into our builds, something that I believe Timberborn is lacking.
  • Better Drought Power Options
    • As it stands, the only power options during droughts is a power wheel (which is really sad to use), and for folktails, windmills (which don't have the most reliable operation schedule) and for ironteeth, engines (which take up a huge portion of wood production).
  • More Storage Options
    • As it stands, by the time you reach endgame, you're pretty much spamming giant areas full of large warehouses to store all your goods, which is a really boring and tedious task. I think a great way to make storage more of an interesting mechanic is for more specialized storage buildings. Right now, the only specialized storage building is the log storage, but to expand this lineup maybe you could add Food Silos, which store more food than warehouses.
  • Trains (or gondolas)
    • This is probably the most unlikely suggestion but a mass transit system would be cool, and while trains seem extremely unlikely maybe suspended gondolas would be a better fit.


  • A Way to Expand District Ranges
    • This another unlikely suggestion: When you reach the endgame, you get to a point where you are sacrificing aesthetics and details in districts and using that space for min/maxing operations, making everything as space efficient as possible, which is really boring and usually the point where I quit a save to start work on a new one. I think it would be great to have a way to expand the district range (with a maximum expansion limit of course).
  • Pause All
    • In the current management menu, you can scroll through different buildings and individually pause them. This saves a lot of time during droughts when we have to pause all of our water pumps, but its still a somewhat boring and tedious task (especially in the late game with a lot of water pumps). So to fix this, in the management menu in the "water pump" section header, it would be great to have a "toggle pause" button, which would toggle pausing all the water pumps.
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As for expanding districts: there is a mod for that, found here: District extender by PB_Ozai. Also a mod manager, so as to make installation easier: Thunderwolf mod manager.

A problem, though: as far as I understand, beavers only ever look for jobs in their own district, and chart a path accordingly. This requires some work on your computer's part, and the larger the district, the longer the paths, and the more computations needed to do each job. If your game slows down after you modify the district size, it is probably too large.

No opinion on the rest of your suggestions.

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