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New water based faction

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The idea for a new water-based faction, adding mud as a new element and basing agriculture 100% on underwater agriculture.

Trying to use the water buildings, like the water wheels, which in hard mode, are hardly used, and the Dumps. For this, it is necessary to give them a new way to close the rivers, which is fast but does not give an advantage over the other factions.


I put the exclusive buildings and replacements, the rest must be more or less the same.

Kelp - [New] Same as carrots, but must plant underwater.
Rice - [New] Same as Sunflower, but must plant underwater (if it's in more than 1 block of water, it doesn't grow)
Sweet potato - [New] Same as potato, but must plant underwater (if it's in more than 1 block of water, it doesn't grow

Mud Flag - [New] Transform 1 of water to 1 of mud, cannot be stored outside of this flag, maximum stored 20. 1 Beaver needed.
Fish Tank - [New] Same as Beehive. Only can build underwater, if there is no water, they die (Logs 10, Planks 15, Mud 20)
Aquatic Farm - [New] Same as farm,  replace farm and Aquatic Farmhouse (Logs 20, Mud 5)

Water wheels - The 3 types

Power Exclusive:
Turbine - [New] The water flows through it. When there is wind and it is in the water, it generates a current of water, with which it can move the water wheels (Logs 20, Metal Blocks 5, Mud 20)

Water pump - Pumping depth 4
Mechanical Water Pump - Pumping depth 4

Landscaping exclusive:
Mud Dam - [New] Same as dam, replace dam. Only can build underwater, when it's dry, it stays (Logs 10, Mud 2)
Mud stairs - [New] Only can build under water, when it's dry, it stays (Logs 4, Mud 1)

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