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Thoughts on QoL improvements that could be made

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These are just some things I think would help improve the overall quality of life and longevity of the game. I'll do a bullet point statement and follow up with why I think it would help.

  • Buildings should be movable, even if it cost time and extra material or maybe as a mid/late game profession similar to builders and haulers.
    • Currently the early game forces you to build wide since you don't start with steps and they also require planks to be made. This means even with careful planning, you end up having to delete and rebuild sections of your districts if you need to squeeze more efficiency into denser areas as you enter the late game with hundreds of beavers. 
  • Give the player some kind of objectives.
    • As it stands there isn't really anything to do besides just growing your population and speeding up production. It would be nice to have some kind of goal(s) to work towards in the late game after unlocking all the tech. I feel like the beavers should be trying to achieve something, like building something unique to each faction that 'transcends' the population, for example the Folktails love nature so they should be building some kind grand monument to nature while the Iron Teeth being more like man, replicate one of mans greatest, but environmentally damaging creations like the automobile.
  • Prosperity level should do more.
    • The prosperity level should be more impactful on the game, perhaps something like hitting certain levels can unlock some kind of social evolution upgrades and it unlocks more aesthetic styles to apply to buildings or maybe government styles that come with bonuses.
  • There should be more risk than just drought.
    • Droughts are nasty and they provide a much needed challenge while playing, but after the first few they're more or less harmless and just kind of annoying once you've learned to just pool water in a deep hole so you can still get fresh water the whole time. So it really just stops water based energy production for a few days. There should be some other kind of events like flooding, windstorms, cold snaps, flash storms, etc.
  • There should be some incentive to lowering working hours
    • As of right now, I see no reason to ever use this toggle. It simply makes your beavers get less done.
  • Every resource should have a commodity that can be made out of it or way to exchange resources.
    • Right now there's not any way to make use of excess resources for bonuses, this can easily be solved by making something like a trinket store to turn excess material into trinkets for your beavers, or even a market to trade excess resources for ones you do need (A good opportunity to add some world building too!).
  • Needs more world building
    • Right now we are aware of at least 2 factions of beavers. I think they should interact with each other somehow, or even have multiple cities of other beavers from your current clan interact with your city. Do things like previously talked about above with general trade, they could give you special trade request and quest, they could be competition for quest or special resources.
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