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140 Hour Thoughts & Suggestions

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Really loving this game, kudos folks.  It hits the sweet spot of complexity to fill a nice niche in the colony sim genre. 

Couple of these I've seen mentioned in other posts, I prefix those "Agree with"

Tutorial & Early game UX Concerns

  • Paths and arrows are not explained till after you've put the flag down, it's easy to screw up.  I first put the flag inside the forest (thinking would get more trees in range), restarted, then placed it outside the forest but with the arrow pointing towards the tree, restarted again.
  • Easy fix: build the path first.  "Let's get the beavers collecting wood.  First build a path from the arrow on the district center up close to some of those trees."
  • I was very confused the first time my beavers stopped working because it was near bedtime.  I paused a lot trying to figure out why they weren't working.

Mid & Late game UX

On the whole I love discovering most of it on my own instead of a longer tutorial.  But here are the places where I personally got confused and needed trial and error to figure out what was going on

  • It's not clear that to start harvest chestnuts & pine resin you need to remove the cut trees order 
  • It's not at all clear where drop-off points need to be to receive shipments.  A warning if the drop-off is out of range would be nice 
  • When unlocking an advanced building, a clearer indication of resources you'll need would be nice, so you can unlock the resources first.  It's frustrating to save up science for observatory and only then discover you need pine resin first.  Same with explosives and metal -> forge      

Quality of Life Suggestions

  • An eyedropper keybinding -- hover a building, tap key, now that building type is selected so you can place more.  Like what Q key does in Factorio.
  • Easier way to get allow a single resource in storage.  "allow all" / "disallow all" buttons would do.  Right now you have to unclick 20+ boxes one at a time to get a planks-only storage.
  • Copy/paste storage settings or other building settings
  • Resource limits.  District-wide or set at the factory would be fine.  "Make planks till you have 500.  Restart when it drops below 400" like in RimWorld. I'm tired of having to micromanage just to avoid turning all my logs into planks an
  • d paper.
  • A way to get rid of unwanted resources.  What do I do with 1000 berries in the late game?
  • See a beaver's current task, not just what they're carrying.  "headed to work at _____"  "getting food"  "on the way to the shrine".   I've still never figured out if they stop for food in the middle of the work day, so I don't know if food warehouses near the factories are useful.
  • Warnings / alerts for out of water and food
  • Global view reports should be sortable by column
  • Agree with: "Hard limit per resource in storage", right now the only way to guarantee both wood and paper are available in a spot is to build two storage units  
  • Agree with: "Keep paused buildings out of vacancies report"
  • Agree with: "Floodgate settings in 0.25 increments" 
  • Agree with: "Some kind of warning for non-aging deaths" 

Bigger Ideas / Suggestions

  • The water management is amazing and is really what sets the game apart from the genre, please keep focusing on that
    • Agree with: pipes!
    • Maybe aquaducts too or instead of pipes?
    • Freeze / thaw in addition to drought?
  • Iron Teeth ideas to distinguish them better
    • Agree with: mining tech for iron teeth
    • Irrigation requiring pipes and power but no workers, for Iron Teeth
    • Powered resource movement, i.e. conveyors or carts
  • Vinyards and winemaking could be another well-being point
  • Observatory and windmill effectiveness tied to elevation
  • Beaver-pushed rail carts requiring manual labor would stay thematic while giving (a) another use for metal and to (b) move lots of resources as you scale
  • Building some stuff with stone could be cool. or could even be a basis for a third faction.  



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A few remarks

  • I believe drop-off points obey to the same rules as other buildings, as they must be placed under a certain distance from a district centre in order to be accessible. There does not seem to be a limit to the distance between distribution centre and drop-off point;
  • I think "allow all / none" buttons already exist for warehouses. They are located at the bottom of the warehouse window;
  • Beavers will only eat or drink during work time if they are thirsty or starving - same as sleeping - , otherwise they will do so in their free time (I wrote some false things about that on these forums; cannot edit).

No remarks regarding the rest of your post, though I agree with most of it.

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On 5/16/2022 at 11:08 AM, Amaterasu_Oomikami said:

There does not seem to be a limit to the distance between distribution centre and drop-off point;

I think there's a distance limit between the drop off point and the district gate.   I have had drop-offs that would not receive any deliveries until I deconstructed them and rebuilt them close to the gate. 

On 5/16/2022 at 11:08 AM, Amaterasu_Oomikami said:

I think "allow all / none" buttons already exist for warehouses. They are located at the bottom of the warehouse window;

Ah cool thanks I'll take a look.   If so I'd just change my feedback to suggest those widgets be easier to find, probably at the top of the warehouse window.

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