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NEW STUFFS Soil Dirt Land generator, More flood gates level and a Flood gate worker, wastes and waste management, mechanical elevator

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Hello people, I have a suggestion and for me this site is the best place to share a suggestion for the future of this lovely game. First are the artificial lands, tired of levees and platform or you just want a space for farming? Adding a Compost pit on the game creates soil. The flood gate worker is straight to the point, it controls the floodgate either by your orders to the beaver or letting the beaver manage the floodgates on his own. Wastes and Waste management makes the game more realistic, the uncontrolled waste can cause pollution and pollution can cause sickness and bad health (maybe add an hospital on the game too. Mechanical elevator is for compact and time saving purposes, the mechanical elevator can be controlled by a beaver who always do leg day everyday or by a miniature steam installed on the elevator engine or you can just connect the elevator to the power sources.
My ideas are kind of crazy but I hope it does makes sense. I will try to draw what I'm saying here for all of you to understand. Thank you and have a good day!

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I agree with your suggestions especially the creation of soil to build up land mass rather then blowing everything up to increase the space on an existing level for your farm land or tree farms housing etc.., the elevator very good suggestion as trying to build stairs for tall buildings becomes impractical, I would also suggest the production of gear operated cranes for hauling larger amount of material to different levels to speed up building also possible the introduction of ports, use of ferry's. I would also like to see the introduction of a cog and gear driven system for lifting water from lower levels to higher ground or a corkscrew pump for the same purpose to include aqueducts?, the ability to purchase blueprint for other faction buildings and technology would allow you to use the best elements from across the board


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