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Tutorial Woes

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In the tutorial it wasn't immediately obvious that the district center had to have the door directly connect to the path.

This could be solved by having a small path placed outside the door by default.

I got sick of waiting for the game in the early game, so built a bit ahead of the tutorial after I'd worked out the basics,

However this quickly resulted in running out of wood faster then the tutorial expected, which meant my forrester wasn't working fast enough, leading to my entire population of beavers dying.

at this point it wasn't immediately obvious if this was game over, if there was some sort of recovery mechanic, or if I needed to restart.


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I'll have to try the tutorial again. It's used to be pretty rough. Then they made it a bit more robust but I'd already turned it off. They've done several changes since and the game seems a bit harder now do maybe they didn't update the tutorial to match.

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