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A "Tropico" Style Almanac

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I just started playing the game and I absolutely love it. 

One thing that would be helpful is some kind of interface that helps with "macro" management. I now have four districts and it can be really rough to figure out how they are each doing in a macro sense. I get that if I click on the DC, I get information specific to a single district. But, checking in on how my overall colony is going involves constantly rotating through DCs. And, it makes it tough to compare and contrast.

It would be helpful to have an interface where I can click on "Food and Water" and get a quick overview of how many beavers in a district, what the total storage capacity for water (e.g. "X of 600) is and a breakdown of how much food they have on hand. The same is true for other materials. I look at the current macro overview and see that I have 250 planks. But since I have multiple districts that make them, I have to click from DC to DC to see where they are. And, the currently macro view is misleading. At a glance, i see that I have nearly 2000 food. Then I start seeing hunger icons and realize that one of my districts is down to it's last 10 berries. 

The best example I can think of for how to present this kind of data is the Tropico series. https://guides.gamepressure.com/tropico-6/guide.asp?ID=49226 They have an almanac you can check that gives you an overview of your settlement that you can use for planning. Cities Skylines also has an interface for a lot of this type of demographic data. Even basic information about surplus or deficit would be helpful in setting up districts to be self-sufficient.

I'm not sure how much work that would be to implement, but right now, that feels like a major quality of life improvement.

Thanks for all your hard work. I'm absolutely LOVING the game!

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