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Pripyat Floodplain (Kyiv, Ukraine)


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Since Timberborn does not (yet) have a flood season implemented, I made a map with a flood season.

This map is a reproduction of the real world.
The location is Pripyat in Kyiv, Ukraine.
The Chernobyl nuclear power plant is well known. (Actually, the Chernobyl plant is not within the scope of the map.)
Google Map



In this map, flooding occurs when the rainy season lasts more than 6 days. Flooding brings a lot of water and fertile land.
In the end game, levees can be used to prevent flooding, but until then, you will be forced to live with periodic flooding.
Don't be afraid to farm in the floodplain. As long as you remember to hurry up and harvest before the flood, you should be fine.

Hard is recommended because the rainy season is too long for Easy or Normal and plants will die.
Or, set the rainy season to a maximum of 13 days or less at the Custom difficulty level.
(To the developer: It would be useful to have a custom setting for progressively longer rainy seasons.)

The calendar is important in agriculture.
If the drought season is long, there may be enough fertile land to produce a good harvest before it floods again.
Sometimes the flood season is "skipped" in Hard mode.
Water wheels are not available early in the game. You need a platform or a large waterwheel.


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