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Ideas for development

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Just a few ideas,

I think some might have been mentioned before.


Watch towers - linked to levies/floodgates that allow beavers to alter the height. (They could communicate by flags in the towers.) (use if then commands)

The towers can have a specific distance they can see with multiple towers needing to be placed to communicate over greater distances. 

These could also be used to introduce fires into the game for beavers to look out for forest fires and alert other beavers.

Boats -  leisure and transport. (follow the current of the river) Rafts of logs could float down streams from designated spots.

Degradation of dams  -Over time the dams would rot and become unstable. Beaver maintenance teams could be employed to ensure that this doesn't happen. If not maintained properly the dam should collapse flooding the land below. 

Explosives. - new explosive that allows wall sections to be taken down from the side rather than the top. These could be stackable.
Tunnels - Allow building of tunnels - Could be created using sideways explosives. Issues with the ground could cause cave ins and collapsing of ground and buildings above.

Freak weather - Weather storms that produce more than usual expectation of water. Or snow that then melts in the summer. If current exceeds a certain speed then the earth should move, washing the land away. 

Over time silt should build up in streams and basins. Meaning beavers have to increase the flow of water to move the silt or gather it for fertilising farm land.

Recycling of resources. - Unused buildings, bridges etc to be recyclable with a percentage of materials returned.

Luxury housing - For ultimate hosing could have pipework that connects it to a water source (gravity fed). This could also then develop into waste management. These beavers will obviously have learnt from some of our mistakes.

Pining tabs - When managing part of my map I want to be able to keep an eye on other things. Can it be possible to pin some of the information tabs?

Drag select - Use to select multiple buildings. Or ctrl and click to select more than one building at a time.

Building customization - Design blueprints for buildings which can then be made, would be more costly than a standard building.


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