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I've found that in some methods of playing, warning messages from intended effect can overshadow other critical warnings.

When I play, I have some mechanical water pumps connected to windmills on separate power lines in areas that need some water but not a consistent flow. This allows me to save beaverpower rather than using the Water Pump/Water Dump combo. However this results in consistent error messages when the wind ceases for the windmills. I also overbuild food processing buildings so I don't stockpile intermediary food and am able to add on raw resource collection later on if I want to grow the district. Late game when I have unemployed beavers to spare, I also sacrifice some stranded beavers when the construction blocking them has valuable resources. (Apologies for treating your adorable beavers such but it can be more efficient sometimes 🙂) When this is the case it would be nice to be able to 'dismiss' the warning instead of having to wait out their lives.

Due to warnings caused by these usages of mechanics, (and I'm sure others I haven't implemented into my colony) repeating warnings for intended colony design can hide the unemployed beaver count and also are essentially false positives. These can overshadow warnings that seriously disrupt the development of the colony. One way to remedy this may be to allow players to right click an warning to hide it from sight, so the player can left click the error to check the validity of the problem and then right click to clear it from the warning stack to clear all 'working as intended' warnings. Another suggestion would be to have an option for buildings to have a 'ignore warnings' checkbox which would disable the building from throwing warnings on the offending trigger.

Thank you for all your hard work on this game. The love put into Timberborn is easily seen in the quality of systems the game allows players to build, and it is thoroughly appreciated.

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