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In Beaver News ... Lock up your beavers

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Why lock up beaver, they already lock up at districs all the time. I would prefer the oposite free them to survive on all the map plz. It always just too far for them even with a 50x 50 map and the map really cool but always lock at districs it so shame already. Free them por favor... snif... i know we can build a new district but just and adventure to survive by eating  berries and drink water directly a real beaver that dont fear nature. So instead of lock them free them away no city access anymore like in medieval time. and they must survive on their own or die. If they survive they can try ask you to come back after a while  or become selfish if more than one is trhew out bring them all togethger and attack city only defense happyness, number of population and a fence so now if they attack city ok you can lock them out by capture them in the fight. That is more hard to capture than to kill and beaver can becaome old for best result.


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Lock up the beaver in a ruins den fighter arena, and playing squirel squlture ruins, with two beaver each, that always try kill the other. At the end... the end is near beaver, fight your way through or die trying survive. Beaver soon of a bich one.

They die like falling high away even if they try to jump, an accident, or been push or survive wreck, become free and work again lol.

they fight with all they find their tail hit strong push away they bite like snap a door they chant cry and feel the city around them

bah bah bah bah baqh bah bah bah bah bah bah baaaaah...

RESUME: FIGHTING ARENA winner or looser can become free and work again lol 


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no answer can i spam plz... I got so many idea of prison. A backhouse lol he finish take the only roll of paper close full and jump in the hole. No one have idea what occur there but you know there is his best survival habitacle safe and real nothing wild so most peacefull for beaver he just sleep all the time more he can or just relax until he drink and eat shit pea there is worst food taste but most healthy because all kind of food possible way there he know a lot of basic receipe for prepare shit meal like american fast food one only bad thing it make them lazy after get them free so he always finish work one hours less for each day pass in the hole of backhouse sometime he can make exit tunnel if he pass more than max time there and get free work only one hour max a day when get free by itself


ps this is not a spam it just diferent idea what kind of prison would be good for them 😕 ... 🙂



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One case hole fill one hundred water ration with maple chestnut tree sapling plant on botom and a trap wodden plank door with a metal lock and a unique key swalow by the guard outside that no need attention about you... 🙂 bring your idol hehe.... 🙂


ice wind blower tool to ice it all the case into cryo pod...




you got a pefect cryo prison like that you can even extract it into a nice museum somewere yay

? come on quote this one someone it the best i can do or else just dont do a prison plz dev...  -:\

resume: cryo prison





















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Design for nice simple prison:


1 district one flower one sanctuary one chair one road one door district oh and one house for 1 person in your center district spiral dead end just demolish make a hole and build back what you demolish further away... 🙂

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