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In Beaver News ... Beaver SpecOps

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Apparently beavers weigh up to 35 kilograms, the weight of an average German Shepherd, with a bite force only a little lower (12.7 against 16.9 kg/cm²), but seemingly way sharper teeth. Plus beavers are semi-aquatic, and much better combatants in water than on ground. Thankfully they are peaceful... though not pacifist.

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yeah they matser of the nature can kill all the wildlife of his habitacle if he been threatened by.

best  thing he do his building trap killer trap he dont take prisoner...

best trap i seen is one i fall on a tree sharpen by beaver in a land base a cliff. I fall down uncoucious off by trying climb it by the little trees there all on the cliff trying get on top. was my dream way of dying but my instinc take control of all me even my soul and was just waiting my end i wake up ank inch and big hole on the groin.

Was wondering what does i lost and never been able answer soon like i lost nothing just got a groin more a female imbecile groin to hide drug and weapons tools and survival kit perhaps make a stomack with it or a pourish ecosystem stomach like poor survival strong mecanical one.

WEll it just best scar i ever got wanna eard the story of an other of my scar try pm me or ask here ill try follow this forum.

I got a beaver scar lol it crazy beaver why wanna make me hermaPRHODITE? they are that kind of double female and male creature in the same time, so they fight like female and guy in symbiose...

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