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Simple fix for Breeder Pods.

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A program fault means that Pods are not recognised when built, so to work around the issue, when the pod is made just reduce working hours to 1 then return them to normal (During game time... DO NOT PAUSE!), several seconds of irritation for every pod but once done the pod will continue to work unless you move your district centre, reduce the irritation by building several at a time and use the fix for all of them.

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lol it take me one sec of wait only when build a pod to make it running. just idk so easy so much slight change can boost it so crazy just need survive well, get water pump near, storage food near, a lot of berries in storage, and a lot of water in storage too, with tiny water tank near, not working people can take care all district worker will take care and idk who else but yes working hours is good idea too better not work to get it running but you can have just a lot of non worker because not enought working station for population...


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