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general gameplay feedback

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some things to note from having played through for several hours

  • some kind of border that shows where the area of the districts regardless of if the building is selected or not - the number of times ive had something built only for it to say that its not connected to any district (despite the paths being there) and then having to demolish the building is disappointing. this could just be a light coloured dashed line or something, just to show the borders of how far the paths can go before it needs to become a new district
  • objectives and goals in the game - other than raising beaver happiness to unlock the iron teeth, why else should i keep expanding when i can keep the beaver population self-sufficient and small
  • keyboard shortcut to move between districts
  • ability to zoom further out (maybe by another 20%?)
  • progress bar on construction sites that can be toggled on/off
  • tooltips on the various bits of UI please!
  • inconsistency of windmills, especially since they become a primary source of power late game, with the water either too far away or dried up to maintain constant power - or a way to upgrade the regular windmills to the larger ones without having to completely demolish them and lose the resources
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  • provide borders for connection to district center:
    I agree in general, but maybe this is useful: Build a path to the desired location, then click the district center. You see lines on the paths fading from green to red. Where the red line ends despite of the path going on - that's the point where the building won't be connected. (Unless you may find a way of building a shortcut path...)
  • objectives and goals, why expanding at all:
    My take on this: The game is mainly about water management. When the droughts get more and more severe, you need to expand to build more dams etc. so you can control the water flow even better. I like the game lacking of much artificial "gamification". I don't want to grind just for grinding or for unlocking.
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  • some kind of border that shows....

It would be great if when you build a a district center, the border showed the district's maximum possible border immediately even if you haven't built paths or anything else within that district

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