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We are excited to announce the latest update to Timberborn!

Revamped terrain system

  • The changes prepare the game for cool new features that we are going to add in the near future but they also bring immediate benefits:
  • The map file format now accepts any terrain shape. This is in contrast to the old system which only supported height maps of specific shapes, and cliffs could not be more than 2 blocks tall. The new map format supports height maps with values between 0 and 9 but this limit will also be increased soon.
  • Cliffs no longer take a full tile but instead are situated on the edges between tiles. Placing buildings such as stairs, footbridges or raised shafts is now more natural.
  • Stairs (previously known as ramps) are now 1x1 instead of 2x1 which makes it easier to fit them in tight spaces.
  • Natural slopes can now be deleted and replaced with wooden stairs.
  • Arid areas of the map are no longer inaccessible, but they are still unsuitable for growing trees.
  • A map editor is already in the works and will be released soon…
  • …But you can already tinker with the map file format using a text editor and the process is now much easier than before. Read more about creating your own maps here: https://forums.mechanistry.com/topic/9-creating-your-own-maps/

Quality of life

  • Resources are now grouped into Food and Materials.
  • When marking trees for cutting, a counter tells you how much resources you will collect.
  • You are notified when you reach new well-being record.
  • Graphics settings can now be changed in-game.

Finally, beavers now cast simple shadows.

We’ve also fixed multiple bugs:

  • It is not possible to build Water wheel from a Footbridge.
  • It is not possible to build a Watering place next to a perpendicular cliff.
  • Beaver panel does not fit into screen at higher UI scales.
  • The adult housing counter disappears at certain UI scales.
  • Beavers are born with the same name within a short timespan.
  • Several less severe issues.

The new build is already available for download. Note that due to the nature of the changes, the new version is not compatible with older save games.

As always, share your feedback!



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