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Patch notes: Early Access v20210914


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Patch notes: Early Access v20210914

Hello everyone!

Timberborn Early Access is here! To see how much has changed compared to the demo, continue reading! Remember that we’ve got the launch week sale going – until September 22, you can get Timberborn with a 10% launch discount.

Early Access is now available
It’s difficult to list everything that changed compared to the demo so this is more or less an abridged version. Keep in mind that Early Access is still a work-in-progress so what you see below may and probably will change further based on your feedback.

  • If you’re allergic to long bulleted lists, check this for a TL;DR on Early Access features.

Playable beaver factions
It is now possible to pick between different playable factions, Folktails and Iron Teeth. Each faction has a unique appearance, architecture, as well as access to special buildings.

  • Added two playable factions, the expert farmers Folktails and the industrious Iron Teeth.
    • Folktails are unlocked by default. To unlock Iron Teeth, reach Wellbeing 8 while playing Folktails.

Difficulty modes
We added a choice of three difficulty modes, alongside a Custom Difficulty. They are as follows:

  • Easy - Droughts are sparse and short, your colony starts with more starting resources and uses less water and food.
  • Normal - standard Timberborn experience. Default starting resources, droughts start short and get longer with time.
  • Hard - a proper challenge. Small amounts of starting resources and droughts that start long and get even longer.
  • Custom Difficulty - set your own difficulty changing a bunch of variables such as the amount of starting beavers, the minimum and maximum length of temperate weathers and droughts and the amount of starting resources.

Unique buildings – Folktails
Folktails are the expert farmers of Timberborn who enjoy good food and comfortable living. To learn more about this faction, check this devlog. Here’s a recap of their unique buildings.

  • Folktails enjoy living on their own terms and have a variety of living options. Additionally, they will not breed unless there is a spot for a kit free in a lodge somewhere — so you can maintain a stable population level by not building more lodges.
    • Updated building: Lodge/Mirrored Lodge (12x log to build; Solid). It is now a Folktails-exclusive building. Houses three beavers.
    • New building: Mini Lodge (50 SP to unlock; 5x log to build; Solid). Houses a single beaver. 
    • New building: Double Lodge (150 SP to unlock; 20x log to build; Solid). Houses 6 beavers. 
    • New building: Triple Lodge (250 SP to unlock; 35x log to build; Solid). Houses 9 beavers.
  • Folktails are the first faction to harness wind power.
    • Added wind to the game. Its strength and direction change randomly from time to time, affecting related buildings. For now, it’s just these below, but who knows where the wind blows next?
    • New building: Windmill (120 SP to unlock; 20x log, 20x plank to build; up to 120 HP power output). The windmill’s power output is affected by the wind’s randomized strength but it works without water current, fuel, or workers.
    • New building: Large Windmill (1400 SP to unlock; 40x plank, 20x gear, 30x paper to build; up to 300 HP power output). This one is way more efficient.
  • New building: Underground Storage (1000 SP to unlock; 20x log, 80x plank, 40x gear to build; Ground-only; 4000 capacity). That’s one heck of storage space.
  • New building: Beehive (400 SP to unlock; 10x log, 15x plank, 20x paper to build; Ground-only). With a little insectoid help, the beehive speeds up the growth speed of nearby crops (carrots, potatoes, wheat) by 30%.
  • New Building: Scarecrow (200 SP to unlock; 5x log, 10x paper to build). Satisfies Aesthetics in 2 tile radius.
  • Updated building: Irrigation Tower (200 SP to unlock; 15x log, 20x plank to build; Ground-only; employs 1 worker). It is now a Folktails-exclusive building.
  • Updated building: Log Pile (free; Ground-only; 180 capacity). It is now a Folktails-exclusive building.
  • Updated building: Water Pump (12x log to build; employs 1 worker). It is now a Folktails-exclusive building and works in water up to two tiles deep.

Unique buildings – Iron Teeth
Iron Teeth are a hard-working, industrial faction that values timbertech and job well done above anything else. You can read more about them in our devlog. Here are their unique buildings.

  • For Iron Teeth, work is the priority and family life comes second. As a result, newborn beavers are placed in Breeding Pods where they grow before emerging as kits. All adults in the district will deliver resources to keep them growing.
    • New building: Breeding Pod (10x log to build). Adult Beavers will bring Blueberries and Water to them to help tiny beavers grow into kits. 
    • New building: Barrack (40x log to build; Solid). Houses 10 beavers.
    • New building: Large Barrack (400 SP to unlock; 70x log to build; Solid). Houses 16 beavers.
    • New building: Rowhouse (180 SP to unlock; 20x log to build; Solid). Houses 5 beavers. 
    • New building: Large Rowhouse (600 SP to unlock; 35x log to build; Solid). Houses 8 beavers. 
  • Updated building: Engine (400 SP to unlock; 20x log, 25x gear; 20x metal block to build; 200 HP power output; employs 1 worker). It is now an Iron Teeth-exclusive building. It also received a new, larger model and is now a 3x3 building.
  • New building: Industrial Log Pile (12x log to build; Solid; 180 capacity). Industrial needs call for methods more efficient than just dumping logs on the ground.
  • New building: Deep Water Pump (12x log to build; employs 1 worker). The Iron Teeth variant of the Water Pump received a new model and it works in water up to six tiles deep.
  • New building: Large Metal Platform (500 SP to unlock; 500x metal block to build; Solid, Ground-only). This giant platform has a height of 5 and a 5x5 top. There’s also a smaller variant available to both factions: check the “Suspension bridges and Metal Platforms”.

Districts and trading routes
The district system is a substantial change to how you expand your beaver settlements. It makes beginnings less confusing and adds another layer to running advanced colonies while also fixing a lot of issues, including performance-related. For details, check this devlog.

  • All buildings with entrances now need to be connected to a District Center with paths. District Centers have a limited range. If you’ve expanded too far, set up more districts.
    • New building: District Center (free; employs 4 workers). This building replaces the old starting structure. Workers employed at District Center act as builders and the initial District Center comes with starting resources.
    • New building: Gate (free). Put this somewhere on the path to set a district border. Then you can put another District Center behind it.
  • You can relocate your beavers as well as transfer goods between districts.
    • To migrate beavers select an origin District Center, click “Migrate population”, select the destination district and the number of adults and kits to move.
    • New building: Distribution Post (250 SP to unlock; 30x log pile, 15x plank to build; employs 8 workers). This building allows you to set up to ten trading routes – pick a Drop-off Point in another district and pick a resource and your workers will start hauling it. You can also set distribution limits for a district.
    • New building: Drop-off Point (250 SP to unlock; free to build, 300 capacity). Put this in a district so that you have a destination point for resources sent from other districts.
  • Paths now need to be put not only on the ground but also on platforms and roofs of Solid buildings you intend to use as pathways. Because of that change, placing paths is now free and instant.
  • It is now possible to switch between District and Global Views by selecting any building within a particular district. In a District view, all values such as a number of resources, beavers and available lodges are displayed only for that district. An exception to this is Science Points which in their current iteration are all global.
  • Homeless beavers will no longer use sleeping mats, instead opting simply for a nap on the ground, knowing they’re safe in their district.

Water-related gameplay
It is clear that playing with water and water physics is one of the most liked aspects of Timberborn. So, we’re expanding it based on your feedback – and that’s not the end of it.

  • Per popular request, we’ve added floodgates. These dams on steroids let you choose how much water goes through. By default, manipulating one Floodgate affects all adjacent Floodgates but you can turn that off.
    • New building: Floodgate (150 SP to unlock; 10x log, 5x plank to build). It can be fully opened, half-opened, or fully closed.
    • New building: Double Floodgate (250 SP to unlock; 20x log, 10x plank to build). Same as above, but has a height of 2 and five levels of opening.
    • New building: Triple Floodgate (500 SP to unlock; 30x log, 15x plank to build). Same as above, but has a height of 3 and seven levels of opening.
  • We have also changed how Water Pumps work – they’re no longer limited to water a single tile deep… but the engineering masters from Iron Teeth have an upper paw here. Check the corresponding sections of the patch notes above.
  • Updated building: Water Wheel. You can now daisy-chain water wheels, creating an Uber Water Wheel Power Generator with only one power shaft attached. Or two, because water wheels now have connectors on both sides and you can use them all.
  • New building: Water Dump (250 SP to unlock; 10x log, 10x plank to build; employs one worker). This take on a beaver tap allows you to dump water below, filling a prepared basin… or causing a semi-flood if you forget to pause it on time. Aw, shucks.
  • New building: Depth Marker (150 SP to unlock; 2x log, 4x plank to build). This simple tool has a buoyant marker that moves up as the water level increases, showing the current and record water depths. You can reset the record.
  • Paths, platforms, and stairs now remain usable underwater. Beavers continue to use them, moving and carrying goods at a -30% speed penalty. In shallow waters, beavers swim on the surface. If water is deeper, they dive in.
  • It is now possible to build underwater. Note that most buildings will not work when flooded but you can still build them. Also, asking us what happens if you build a water tank underwater is strictly prohibited.
  • It is now possible to cut trees and gather resources (such as crops, ruins) underwater. Planting new trees or crops underwater is still impossible.

Suspension Bridges and Metal Platforms
You’ve been asking for this for a long time. How about letting beavers travel over buildings, not just walk across roofs of Solid ones? With a suspension bridge, you can span two areas of equal height and build anything you want below – as long as there’s enough space. You can also build giant Metal Platforms that tower over buildings and can create a whole new area to build a new district.

  • New building: Suspension Bridge (1x1) (100 SP to unlock; 10x log, 10x plank to build).
  • New building: Suspension Bridge (2x1) (200 SP to unlock; 20x log, 20x plank to build).
  • New building: Suspension Bridge (3x1) (400 SP to unlock; 30x log, 30x plank to build).
  • New building: Suspension Bridge (4x1) (800 SP to unlock; 40x log, 40x plank, 20x metal block to build).
  • New building: Suspension Bridge (5x1) (1600 SP to unlock; 50x log, 50x plank, 40x metal block to build).
  • New building: Suspension Bridge (6x1) (3200 SP to unlock; 60x log, 60x plank, 50x metal block to build).
  • New building: Metal Platform (500 SP to unlock; 200x metal block to build; Solid; Ground Only) This giant platform has a 1x1 leg, height of 4 and a Solid 3x3 top.

Metal processing
You might have noticed some of the buildings require “metal blocks” to build. It is a new resource you acquire by processing scrap metal gathered by beavers employed at Scavenger Flags. To turn scrap into blocks, you need a Shredder. Go, teenage mutant ninja beavers!

  • Metal was renamed to Scrap Metal.
  • Added a new resource called Metal blocks.
  • Buildings that required metal to build now require metal blocks.
  • New building: Scavenger Flag (250 SP to unlock; free to build; employs one worker). Similar to Gatherer and Lumberjack Flags, this one allows you to gather scrap metal from nearby ruins and has its own small storage. This building replaces Scavenger Hut.
  • New building: Shredder (300 SP to unlock; 50x planks, 20x gears, 30x scrap metal to build; requires 250 HP to operate; employs one worker; produces Metal blocks (1) from Scrap metal (2).

With more housing options available, we added additional roofs to allow for more combinations. And there’s also one more structure to use at the top of your buildings.

  • The new roofs are available for both factions. They’re functionally similar, but allow you to cover roofs in more ways.
    • New building: Roof (1x1) (60 SP to unlock; 2x log, 1x plank to build; satisfies Aesthetics within 1 tile radius).
    • New building: Roof (1x2) (80 SP to unlock; 4x log, 2x plank to build; satisfies Aesthetics within 1 tile radius). 
    • New building: Roof (2x3) (150 SP to unlock; 6x log, 3x plank to build; satisfies Aesthetics within 1 tile radius). 
    • New building: Roof (3x2) (150 SP to unlock; 6x log, 3x plank to build; Solid; satisfies Aesthetics within 1 tile radius). This one is similar to the one above but has a 2x1 Solid area for more customization.
  • New building: Rooftop Terrace (15x log to build; can take 6 visitors; Above-ground). This building works similarly to a Campfire, satisfying the Social Life need, but can only be built on top of buildings and platforms.

Just for show
We also managed to sneak in some few extra decorations in addition to the roofs mentioned above:

  • Updated building: Shrub. Now satisfies Aesthetics in 1 tile radius.
  • New building: Beaver Statue (500 SP to unlock; 50x log, 10x plank to build; satisfies Aesthetics within 3 tile radius). Folktails and Iron Teeth have unique models for this building.

Gathering flags
To account for the addition of districts, we made changes to how flags operate. We have also turned them into actual flags (!).

  • Updated building: Gatherer Flag has received a new 1x1 model and now has a capacity of 20.
  • Updated building: Lumberjack Flag has received a new 1x1 model and now has a capacity of 20. It now employs 1 worker.

Map editor
Map editing is back on the menu, beavers!

  • To access the map editor, choose “Create new map” or “Edit map” from the main menu.
    • “Create new map” lets you pick a custom map size and then puts you on an empty space you can shape, cover with water, plant life etc.
    • “Edit map” allows you to edit an existing map – either one of the maps included by us, your own custom project, or a map created by a member of Timberborn’s community. You can’t edit savegames (maps where the game is in progress).
  • Updated the starting location placeholder to correspond with the District Center’s shape.

In short, all existing models, both for buildings and beavers, have received some changes. They will either increase the game’s performance or simply make them look better/more fitting.

  • Adjusted beaver animations for better performance.
  • Added swimming and underwater animations.
  • Made multiple visual adjustments to all existing buildings, ranging from changes to textures to modified models. Some of that is already mentioned elsewhere in the patch notes but here are more samples.
    • Removed shutters and swinging doors from buildings. No hinges for beavers.
    • Updated building: Power Wheel. It received a new model and is now a 3x1 building.
    • Updated building: Gear Workshop. It received a new model.
    • Updated building: Explosives Factory. It received a new model.
    • Updated building: Hauling Post. It received a new model and is now a 2x3 building.
    • Updated building: Builders’s Hut. It received a new model.
    • Updated building: Grill. Received a new model.
    • Updated model: Ruins. A slight tweak to the model to be more visible against all backgrounds.
    • Updated building: Temple. It received a new model.
    • Updated building: Inventor. Renamed from Inventor’s Hut, also received a new model.

The game now features a fully-fledged soundtrack written by Zofia Zomaradzka. The existing pieces written by Zofia have been partially re-recorded with live musicians and mastered, including the game’s main theme to which the Budapest Scoring orchestra contributed.

  • Added a full soundtrack for the game, including rerecorded main menu theme, and 10 in-game tracks.

What a good view!
Districts, water-related gameplay, and more tools for enthusiasts of vertical engineering called for a better presentation of the in-game world.

  • Added a separate water transparency toggle to the top-right part of the UI. Previously, water would only become transparent as you were meddling with the toolbar. To toggle water quickly, press T.
  • Added a level-hiding tool to the top right-part of the UI. You can hide layers of the map or reset the view. To quickly hide and show the layers, use Alt + scroll wheel.
  • Replaced range indicators to better show ranges of buildings that still use them (such as Flags) as well as district’s borders.
  • Added colored indicators of District Center’s range. Click a DC to see its range on paths, or click any other building, to see if it’s within range of a DC.

Flavour texts
Timberborn is not an RPG, sure, but a little more flavour goes a long way, so we decided to drop some lore tidbits and easter eggs here and there.

  • Added flavour texts to buildings and other interactive objects on the map. To see the flavour text for an object, select it and check the right-hand window under the object’s description.

Localizations and in-game text
One of the reasons we needed to wait a bit before launch was the addition of missing translations. We promised 11 languages at launch, and a nasty bug with the engine blocked us from adding Asian languages, but it is now fixed.

  • Added Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese localizations. We’re sorry it took so long.
  • Made multiple changes to in-game text, including changes to descriptions as well as some names.
  • Made fixes to translations such as Russian and Polish.

User interface
Oh boy, where to start here. In short, the entire user interface was replaced. Here are the most important changes.

  • Replaced and added icons for tools and buildings found on the bottom toolbar.
  • Replaced and rearranged the bottom toolbar and added new building tooltips.
  • Replaced icons for beaver and building statutes used in the log and in-game world.
  • Replaced and rearranged the upper-left panel, adding resource icons and the ability to collapse lists such as a resource list, employment status etc.
  • Replaced the upper-right panel, splitting it into several sections such as the clock and the new “forecast” bar to track the season’s progress.
  • Reworked custom in-game cursors.
  • Replaced the tutorial frames.
  • Replaced all Map Editor frames.
  • Made adjustments to the main menu.
  • Added UI elements for a level hiding tool, a district list, and a water transparency toggle.
  • Added a flavour text toggle to the right panel.
  • Added mouse-over highlights to all buttons.
  • Added Iron Teeth portraits.
  • Added a new post-crash screen.
  • Added a Bug reporting button – once clicked, you will be prompted if you want to open the bug tracker in your browser.
    • We have an official bug tracker that everyone can use without creating an account. This allows you to tell us about any issues you encounter as well as upvote existing tickets. You can find it here.
  • Updated Discord logo in the main menu to match the new one. ;-(

We’ve been working hard at increasing the game’s performance, mainly the framerate while running large settlements at fast forward. Changes such as the implementation of the district system, which made running settlements less calculation-heavy, as well as optimizations to 3D models, allowed us to reduce lag spikes and increase the framerate by up to 50%, depending on the configuration. Let us know about Timberborn’s performance on your hardware.

  • Made multiple changes to the way game’s algorithms work and cleaned up the game’s code, making it less CPU- heavy.
  • Made multiple changes to the 3D models to optimize the load put on the GPU.
  • Savegame files are even 43% smaller.
  • Optimized RAM usage, 4 GB should be enough to play.

With districts in place, it should now be easier to begin the game, and we’ve made some adjustments to the basic in-game tutorial we have. If you’re looking for more resources, we have also created Timberborn Wiki, and you can always get help on our Discord.

  • Updated the in-game tutorial with new tips.
  • There’s also Timberborn Wiki. It now only has the basic pages available, but we hope to expand it together with our community.

The number of bugs squashed in the recent months is great but, fortunately, you haven’t seen most of them as the game received sweeping changes. But here are some issues you actually may have encountered at some point and that we’ve dealt with.

  • Fixed a bug that caused Esc not to close a tooltip after opening it via the bottom toolbar.
  • Fixed a bug with beavers moving slooowly while working in Power Wheel when there were many buildings in the network.
  • Fixed a bug that resulted in seeing dead beavers of a different faction after loading the game. Yeah, that one was creepy.
  • Fixed a bug that caused problems when attempting to delete an object with both Enter and mouse click.
  • Fixed a problem with beavers facing the wrong direction when leaving buildings.
  • Fixed several crashes such as the one happening after you delete a save with the Load Game screen opened and then try to load it. Why would you even attempt that, tho.
  • Fixed a problem with beavers facing the wrong direction when approaching ruins and construction sites.
  • Removed the Prioritize choice in Gatherer Flag. There was no choice.
  • Fixed a problem where detonating a Dynamite next to a path by Stairs would stop connecting the two.


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