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Timberborn Early Access launches September 15!


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Hi everyone.

We’ve spoiled the date already, but please watch the official trailer – which has just premiered at Future Games Show Gamescom – and act surprised.


That’s right! Your favourite lumberpunk city-builder is just three weeks away and will launch on September 15, 2021.

We’ve been hard at work for the past months, building on the great suggestions from our demo players. There’s A LOT of cool new stuff coming with the release, some of which you may see in the video. Most importantly, we’re adding the second playable beaver faction, the Iron Teeth.

If you want a closer look at their industrious beaver ways, we have another reveal for you. A little earlier today, the Iron Teeth segment aired during Gamescom’s Awesome Indies Show.

We’ll have more details about Iron Teeth in a devlog next week. Also, in the week leading up to launch, we’ll have a countdown with daily previews focused on different aspects of the game and what’s new. Full patch notes will go up on the release day (September 15, remember?).

We will also be inviting the media and content creators to Early Access so if you want your favourite streamer or YouTuber to check the game out, tell them about your beaver demands!

Early Access highlights
For now, here’s a non-exhaustive list of what to expect from Timberborn Early Access at launch:

  • Two playable beavers factions. Folktails are the more nature- and farming-oriented of the two, while Iron Teeth favour rapid industrialization. Each faction looks and plays different, and has access to faction-exclusive buildings.
  • Droughts. The post-apocalyptic world alternates between temperate and dry seasons, with droughts becoming more frequent and threatening over time. Any gameplay limits are gone so let’s see how long your beavers can last.
  • Water-related gameplay. We know you like this one so we’ve expanded that quite a bit. We’ve added floodgates, a way to transport water to higher areas, depth markers, and more – oh, and the beavers are now able to swim, gather, and build underwater.
  • Scalable settlements. Districts are the new way of growing your beaver colonies. They make beginnings easier and add another layer of fun to later stages thanks to trading routes and migrations.
  • Timbertech and vertical architecture. There are many new buildings in the game, and with the new district system and the need to survive as long as possible, efficient space management is crucial. That’s why we’ve also implemented overhead bridges.
  • UI and localizations. Timberborn has a brand new UI and the game will be available in all 11 planned languages. This includes the Simplified Chinese, Korean, and Japanese translations missing from the demo. Thank you for your patience!
  • Map Editor. The game will come with a set of 7 new and updated maps built by us but you may create more. Our user-friendly map editor allows you to create new maps and edit existing ones. You can then share them with the community.
  • And more! The game looks better, has a beautiful soundtrack by Zofia Domaradzka, plays at much higher framerates, and received a lot of other improvements.

Timberborn Early Access will cost $24.99 (with regional pricing) and we’ll have a 10% launch week discount for early adopters. You will be able to get the game on PC & Mac through the following platforms:

Wishlist Timberborn to get notified as soon as it's available! And if you have the game wishlisted already, check the store pages anyway. We have uploaded a batch of new screenshots and there are some surprises to find.


So yeah, September 15. It's finally happening! Please share the news and join us on our Discord if you have any questions!


The Very Excited Timberborn Team

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